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PRO-APP Workshops
Expert-guided, step-by-step DIY workshops to help innovators get through their innovation journey
Whether taking the full 16-hour course or an abbreviated course, innovators can expect to draft and file a provisional patent application and get "patent pending" by the end of the workshop. This helps innovators get "patent pending" status in an easy, efficient, and affordable way that works with their resources and circumstances.  
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DIY Provisional Patent Application
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IP Strategy
Consulting services to achieve alignment between IP assets and business objectives
Combining legal, engineering, and business expertise allows our team to evaluate and analyze intellectual property portfolios in a way that statistical models and automated analytics are not capable of. Your IP strategy should be transparent and directly aligned with your business model objective. Let us assist you in evaluating your business model, auditing your IP portfolio,  and designing and deploying an IP strategy tailored to your exact situation.
We do not provide legal services
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Asset Software Tools
Software tools tailored to business and legal professionals who need IP strategy alignment
We create automation tools that empower IP owners and law firms to maintain better alignment between business model objectives and IP asset. Our software tools inform and enable IP owners to clearly trace alignment from patent claims to revenue sources. Our software tools also assist attorneys with specific legal tactics at "hot spots" in the patent lifecycle where misalignment most frequently occurs. 
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